Making your Camping More Special

Aside from traveling to different places or going out of the country, one of the best ways to unwind is to camp with your family or friends, or if you want to spend your time in solitude or have no one to go with you, you can also camp by yourself in the woods. Either way, you will enjoy because you can spend your time being at peace and away from the noise that comes from the cars, establishments and other things from the city. You can also meditate during the camp, explore the forest and the mountains and bathe from the clean and toxic-free rivers and falls. You can also climb huge trees and eat their fruits, just make sure that they are edible and you are allowed to take from them. Check out to get started.

One of the highlights of camping is the campfire, where you and your friends or family can bond, play the guitar, sing songs, and share fun and exciting stories in front of the warm fire. Or you can also just lay there on the grass on nighttime, for the sky is wide open for you to see the beautiful and bright stars and constellations. There are instances where you can actually spot meteors, and if you are more than lucky, you can even witness a splendid meteor shower; your night will literally be star-studded. When you are high up in the mountains, you can also watch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset, take pictures or just engrave the beautiful sight in your memory.

Moreover, when you talk about camping, you have to have the right camping recipe for you and your loved ones (or for you only, if you are solitary). Children, in particular, love deserts and make sure you prepare the yummy snacks that they will absolutely enjoy.

One of the recipes, and definitely the most popular one, is the S'More. It's basically roasted marshmallow and small bits of chocolates sandwiched between two graham crackers, traditionally, at least. But you can improvise, and instead of using graham crackers, you can use other delicious chips to sandwich the roasted marshmallows. If you and the kids have enough of it, it is also good that you prepare another type of snacks. Roasted apple is a good choice. Just slice the apple into a half, and then stuff raisins and cinnamon inside before wrapping the apple into an aluminum foil and tossing it into the fire. Go here for more tips.